Because your clients don’t want to talk to a machine… Or a person who acts like one!

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Operators with true caring personalities that like to help.

When we say that, “your clients don’t want to talk to a machine… Or a person who acts like one,” we mean it. This means that our operators not only have to be competent, but they have to be humans who actually like to interact with people. We spend a lot more time during the interview process to get to know our operators before they even come on board to start training. People who are not genuinely open and friendly are simply not accepted into our family of operators.



Partnership & Teamwork with clients. We’re not just an answering
service, we are part of your team!

One Saturday afternoon, not long ago, one of our service-based clients received so many after hours service call requests that their on call technician was overwhelmed. Our client’s customers were facing longer and longer wait times for urgent service and potential customers for our client were starting to go elsewhere for service. Sensing our client’s needs, our operators took the initiative, called the client, and got authorization for a backup technician to handle the overflow customers. Our operators then began calling back the client’s customers to organize timing for technician call backs and even split the calls regionally for the technicians to be better coordinated for faster service, making for happier customers (and a significantly improved profit) for our client.

On another evening, one of our doctors was unavailable due to technical difficulties with his phone and our operators had an urgent call from a hospital that the doctor served. Knowing how critical the call was, and unable to reach the doctor, our operator took the initiative and contacted another doctor that frequently goes on call for our doctor. Our operator explained the situation to the other doctor and asked if he would be willing to accept the urgent call on behalf of our doctor while we continued to try to get a hold of him. Our operator then connected the other doctor to the nurse at the hospital and the patient was cared for in time to prevent serious complications from occurring. Once we were able to contact our client doctor, we relayed all information and connected the two doctors to confer on what orders were given to better facilitate continuity of care.

Look, it’s really a simple matter of philosophy. Our operators are always looking out for our clients’ best interests because we are part of your team. You’re not just an account to us, but an important member of our client family—and we actively want you to succeed in your business, whether it’s service-based, medical, dental, municipal, mobile home parks, or anything else! So consider well…

Would your answering service do this for you?

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