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Advance Service Plan concept | Description of ASP 1 & ASP 2 examples

Are you tired of being quartered & dollared on the extra services that you would normally need? Sure, the other guys may LOOK less expensive at first glance, but they don’t include all of the other services that you need to go with your calling plan. Oh, you wanted the messages faxed or emailed to you? – that’s extra. Want urgent messages relayed to you as they come in? – that’s extra. Want messages texted to you? – that’s extra. Heck, by the time they get done with all of the extras, you’re easily paying 2, 3, or even up to 5 times what they promised you!

We can help! We offer our special Advanced Plans that have all of those ancillary services that you need already included in the package (and discounted, too), so that you can get stable invoicing that you can count on for your budgeting. In fact, once you add them all up, our prices are most often lower than our competition because of how we put our packages together for you. Please call us to discuss how we can put it all together for you – for less!

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